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About The Author - Joseph Hedges

Being born in 1982 placed the author at the perfect age to be in on the ground floor of IMAGE COMICS. It was at that time when his mother bought him WildC.A.T.S. #1 and a permanent affinity for the WildStorm Universe and its characters was created. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Finance and resides and works in Connecticut while being outnumbered at home by his beautiful wife and their kitty, Azura. 

In development for over two and a half years, "Wild Times: An Oral History of WildStorm Studios", a book chronicling the 18 year history of WildStorm Productions, has now been released in digital and print formats.

​With over 75 participants and close to 80 hours of interview transcripts all combined into a chronological oral history format, Wild Times looks at the studio's history through the journeys of the people that lived it. Equal parts an inside glance at the inner workings of the comic book industry, a look back at WildStorm's publishing history as well as overviews of the careers of some of comics' brightest stars when their paths crossed with WildStorm, Wild Times provides a unique glimpse at the impact of the studio from its beginnings in the early '90s through its closing in 2010.

Celebrate WildStorm's amazing tale with artists- J. Scott Campbell, Carlos D'Anda, Adam Hughes, Gene Ha, Dustin Nguyen; writers- Brian Azzarello, Brian Wood, Kurt Busiek, James Robinson, Christos Gage; colorists- Alex Sinclair, Laura Martin, David Baron, Justin Ponsor; editors- Scott Dunbier, John Layman, Ben Abernathy, Ted Adams and many, many more!

About The book